Thank goodness for backups

A brief note now that Habari is working. I was attempting to set Habari up to use an existing SQLite database that already contained some tables related to other pieces of my site. I attempted to use the config file setup from the wiki, and that resulted in an error in the installer. I don't know which key was causing problems, but when I checked my files, my database was gone. Habari had deleted my database file.

Thankfully I had just created a backup, so I was able to restore the file. I then tried an install again, this time letting Habari do all of the work setting up the config file. I entered the path to the database through the web interface this time and the install worked. I then went and sure enough the database was where I expected it to be. However... I then looked at the database and all of the tables had been dropped except for the habari_ tables! What is the point of having table prefixes if the installer is just going to drop all of the existing tables in the database? Time to back up again - looks like having other information in the Habari database is going to cause problems.

So, long story short:

Don't point the Habari installer to an existing SQLite database. Habari will replace it.

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  • 1Thanks, I've opened a bug for this. As we're in feature freeze for 0.7, it will probably go in to 0.8.
    Comment by on Feb 24, 2011 10:50pm
  • 2Thanks for the ticket creation. I'm glad that I had just created a backup, and hopefully this won't bite anyone more seriously.
    Comment by on Feb 27, 2011 07:28pm